JSON for Google Sheets

This page uses a Hashtag Print JSON for Google Sheets command to set a JavaScript variable.   If the Google OAuth Token was not found or validated, this request would have been redirected to a Google OAuth Consent page.   The Google Sheets Object is displayed in the Browser JavaScript Console log.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
<script type="text/javascript">
	var my_sheets = <# print JSON for google sheets #>;
	console.log('Google Sheets:', my_sheets);
	function show_first_sheet() {
		first_sheet = Object.keys(my_sheets)[0];
		if(first_sheet!='') {
			alert('First Google Sheet Name:\n\t"' + my_sheets[first_sheet].name + '"');
		} else {
			alert('No Google Sheets Found');

<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="show_first_sheet()">
	Alert for First Google Sheet Name

The Hashtag Markup Language provides many methods to interact with Google Sheets.

Hashtag Forms and Lists can use Google Sheets for storing data.   Each row in the Google Sheet is treated as a record.