Conditional { Block } with Hashtag Markup commands

This page demonstrates a Hashtag Conditional { Block } starting with a valid Hashtag Markup command.   When a valid Hashtag Markup command can no longer be parsed from the start of the remaining Conditional { Block }, the remaining content is printed as Hashtag Markup.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
<# if("<#[url.test]#>"=="yes") {
	set test to "Value was YES!";
	<#[system.domain]#> - <b>This is injected text!</b><br>
	The system time is <#[system.time]#><hr>
} else {
	set test to "Value was NOT yes";
} #>

Note:  Hashtag Markup is shown below <# in bold #>.   The value generated by processing the Hashtag Markup, and applying any Variable Contexts, is injected into this HTML page after the ⇒ symbol.  
<#[test]#> ⇒ Value was NOT yes

The Hashtag Markup Language provides multiple ways to conditionally display content or execute commands.

Conditional Templates and { Blocks } are demonstrated to compare and contrast.