Hello World!  Welcome to the Hashtag Framework

This #WebApp serves as a Build Acceptance Test for the Hashtag Framework v.0.9.1.
The Hashtag Framework is an open source project, maintained by the Hashtag Foundation.
To learn more about the syntax of the Hashtag Markup Language, see the Reference Guide.

The Hashtag Markup Language was used to create all of the content for this #WebApp.   The Example Mini‑Apps contain multiple pages, working together to solve simple tasks.   Each section below focuses on a specific feature of the Hashtag Framework.   Each page includes the Hashtag Markup used to create it, ready to copy & paste!

Example Mini-Apps

Using Variables

Applying Contexts

Framework Basics

Markup Basics

Session Management

Using Conditionals

Using Loops

Using Lists

Using Forms

Handling File Uploads

Using Checklist Forms

Using Google APIs

Using Google Sheets

Using Google Docs

Using Google Drive

Sending Email Messages

Sending SMS Messages

Calling External APIs

Using PHP