Action-Only Form

This page uses a Hashtag Action-Only Form to validate a Salted and Hashed Password.   When a valid password is submitted, a Session variable named auth is set to validated.   Data submitted to Action-Only Forms is not automatically stored.   Form Actions can be used to save submitted data, such as Create Record commands.  

Processed this Hashtag Markup:
// reset the current session auth
set session.auth to "not validated";

// store the hash for the correct password so it can be used in the form action comparison
set hashed_password to "SafeHouse" as hash salted by "sugar";

start form;
	when processing and ("<# form.password as hash salted by "sugar" #>"=="<#[hashed_password]#>") 
		set session.auth to "validated";
	when done redirect to "/forms/action-only-landing";
	Password: <input type="password" <# password #>>
	<input type="submit" <# process button #> value="Authenticate">
<# end form #>

The Hashtag Markup Language provides Forms to validate and store submitted data.  

The examples in this section demonstrate Post Restriction, Input Validations, and Form Actions.