Restrict Form Posts — CAPTCHA with fixed value

This page uses a Hashtag Action-Only Form to Restrict Posts using a fixed value CAPTCHA.   No Form Actions other than the Restricted Redirect are processed when a post is restricted.   The CAPTCHA value is not included in the Form, as the Hashtag Framework handles Post Restrictions on the server-side form handler.  
Type in this box:  

Processed this Hashtag Markup:
<# start form;
	restrict posts to "Hashtag" in captcha;
	when restricted redirect to "/forms/restrict-post-landing?fail=yes";
	when done redirect to "/forms/restrict-post-landing?success=yes";

Type <img src="/images/captcha.png"> in this box:   
<input type="text" <# captcha #> required>
<input type="submit" <# process button #> value="Submit">

<# end form #>

The Hashtag Markup Language provides Forms to validate and store submitted data.  

The examples in this section demonstrate Post Restriction, Input Validations, and Form Actions.