Call Google URL Shortener API — Response Loop

This page uses a Hashtag Call command to request the Google URL Shortener API Service.   A list of a shortened URLs is returned and processed using a Hashtag Loop.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
<# call "" to response; #>
<# start loop for response.items; #>
	<a href="<# as html #>" target="_blank" class="monospace"><# as html #></a>
	— Original URL: <# value.longUrl as html #><br>     
<# end loop #>

The Hashtag Framework provides methods to interact with any Google Cloud API Service.

Hashtag Markup natively supports Google Services; enabling file uploads to Google Drive, Lists of rows in a Google Sheet, processing a Google Doc as Hashtag Markup, and more.  

OAuth Access Tokens are managed and refreshed automatically.