Google Drive Folder ID by "Title"

This page uses a Hashtag Set command to store a Google Drive Folder ID value.   This page uses the system time in the Title of the Folder, creating a new Folder for every second.   When the public directive is used, a Google Drive Permission is created, granting reader access to anyone when the Folder is created.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
<# set new_id to public google drive folder id by title "New Folder <# system.time #>"; #>

Note:  Hashtag Markup is shown below <# in bold #>.   The value generated by processing the Hashtag Markup, and applying any Variable Contexts, is injected into this HTML page after the ⇒ symbol.  
<#[new_id]#> ⇒ 1zPgVR8i1BY-LFmb-H8k7CbRs-Ezo_YQZ

The Hashtag Markup Language provides many methods for setting variable values, and using them later.

Variable Buckets can hold many values, processed together.   Variable Contexts enable safe injection anywhere.