Form Action to Delete List Cache

This page uses a Hashtag Form to Delete a List Cache.   A Cached List can significantly improve performance for high-traffic pages, large datasets, or data that doesn't change often.  
(redirects to regenerate)

Processed this Hashtag Markup:
<# start form;
	when processing delete list cache for Paged Color List;
	when done redirect to "/lists/colors-cache";

	<input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" <# process button #> value="Delete Cache">
	<span class="left-pad bigger text-warning">(redirects to regenerate)</span>

<# end form #>

The Hashtag Markup Language provides List Templates to process a series of Records.  

The examples in this section cover the various List Directives, and demonstrate the capabilities of Hashtag Markup in List Templates.