Cached List of No Results

This page uses a Hashtag List to show a No Results template.   A Cache Directive is used to store all of the processed pages generated for the List.   A Cached List can significantly improve performance for high-traffic pages, or large datasets, or data that doesn't change often.  
No Results! Processed at 2022-05-24 2:33:55 AM UTC
Processed this Hashtag Markup:
<# start list for Nothing;
	cache as Nothing List;

<# start no results #>
No Results!   Processed at <#[system.date_time]#>
<# end no results #>

<# end list #>

Delete Cache (redirects to regenerate)
Hashtag Markup for Delete Cache Button: /lists/no-results-cache-delete.htmx

delete list cache for Nothing List;
redirect to "/lists/no-results-cache";


The Hashtag Markup Language provides List Templates to process a series of Records.  

The examples in this section cover the various List Directives, and demonstrate the capabilities of Hashtag Markup in List Templates.