Hashtag Loop for Iterating over Bucket Keys

This page uses Hashtag Variable Buckets to demonstrate Loops.   Values are set for many Items, then all values are processed and displayed.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:

set my_bucket.name to "my bucket name";
set my_bucket.items.apple.name to "Apple";
set my_bucket.items.apple.type to "Fruit";
set my_bucket.items.banana.name to "Banana";
set my_bucket.items.banana.type to "Fruit";
set my_bucket.items.cat.name to "Cat";
set my_bucket.items.cat.type to "Animal";
set my_bucket.items.dog.name to "Dog";
set my_bucket.items.dog.type to "Animal";


<# start loop for my_bucket.items; #>
	key = <# key #><br>
	value.name = <# value.name #><br>
	value.type = <# value.type #><br>
<# end loop #>

key = apple
value.name = Apple
value.type = Fruit

key = banana
value.name = Banana
value.type = Fruit

key = cat
value.name = Cat
value.type = Animal

key = dog
value.name = Dog
value.type = Animal

The Hashtag Framework provides Loop Templates for iterative and repetitive processing of Hashtag Markup.  

The examples in this section cover the different types of Loop Templates: Bucket, Range, and Until Conditional.