Loop Templates to Iterate over number values in a Range

This page uses a Hashtag Range Loop to process a Template 5 times.   Range Loop Templates have access to a Local Variable named value that is set to the current Range Counter value.   A Loop Directive can be used to save the value to an alternate Local Variable.   The results of the Loop can be saved to a Global Variable using a Save To Directive.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
set start to 1;
set end to 5;
start loop from start to end;
	save value to counter;
The Current Counter is <# counter #><br>
<# end loop #>
The Current Counter is 1
The Current Counter is 2
The Current Counter is 3
The Current Counter is 4
The Current Counter is 5

The Hashtag Framework provides Loop Templates for iterative and repetitive processing of Hashtag Markup.  

The examples in this section cover the different types of Loop Templates: Bucket, Range, and Until Conditional.