Framework Core PHP Functions

This page demonstrates using a few of the Framework Core PHP Functions.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:

// display system time
echo "<p>The system time is <b>" . hashtag_get_value('system.time') . "</b></p>";

// query for requested order information
if(isset($_REQUEST['order_id']) && trim($_REQUEST['order_id'])!='') {
	$query = "SELECT * FROM orders WHERE uuid=:uuid";
	$params = array(':uuid'=>$_REQUEST['order_id']);
	$result = hashtag_db_query_params($query, $params);
	if($row = hashtag_db_fetch($result)) {
		hashtag_html_dump($row, 'Order');
	} else {
		echo "Invalid Order ID.";
} else {
	// query for the ID of the most recently created order
	$query = "SELECT uuid FROM orders ORDER BY created_on DESC LIMIT 1";
	$result = hashtag_db_query($query);
	if($row = hashtag_db_fetch($result)) {
		echo "<a href='?order_id={$row['uuid']}#php'>Reload with latest Order ID set in the URL</a>";


The system time is 2:42:56 PM UTC

The Hashtag Framework supports PHP code alongside Hashtag Markup.

The examples in this section demonstrate the many Hashtag Framework Core PHP Functions that are callable from any PHP code.