Evaluating Math Expressions

This page demonstrates setting and injecting Hashtag Variables using various techniques.   Variables can be set either as "strings" or math expressions.   Optional Contexts can be applied to alter the value before it is stored.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:

set two to "2";
set three to 3;
set four to 4;

set result to (<#[two]#> + <#[three]#>) * <#[four]#> as dollars;


Note:  Hashtag Markup is shown below <# in bold #>.   The value generated by processing the Hashtag Markup, and applying any Variable Contexts, is injected into this HTML page after the ⇒ symbol.  
<#[result]#> ⇒ $ 20.00

The Hashtag Markup Language provides many methods for setting variable values, and using them later.

Variable Buckets can hold many values, processed together.   Variable Contexts enable safe injection anywhere.