Creating and Updating Records

This page demonstrates Hashtag Markup Record Commands.   Hashtag Lists and Forms can be used to process Records.   Records can be stored in various backend storage, such as SQL databases and Google Sheets.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
<# create record for "my_records" and reference as "new"; 
	set number to 1;
	set string to "test";

<# update record for "my_records.<#[]#>" and reference as "new";
	increment number by 3;
	append string with "another" using ",";

<# update record for "my_records.<#[]#>" and reference as "new";
	decrement number by 1;
	append string with "more" using ",";

<# print bucket new; #>
new: Array
    [number] => 3
    [string] => test,another,more
    [instance_id] => 991
    [uuid] => 94ee2ccfe6faf9e3620131015087ddf2
    [id] => 94ee2ccfe6faf9e3620131015087ddf2
    [updated_on] => 2024-05-23 18:35:37

The Basics section provides an introduction to development with the Hashtag Markup Language using the Hashtag Framework.