Call Quantum Random Number Generator API

This page uses a Hashtag Call to a Quantum Random Number Generator API.   A Hashtag Print Bucket command is used to inspect the values from the JSON-decoded response.  
Note:  The QRNG API is provided by a 3rd party, and is not affiliated with the Hashtag Foundation.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:

call "" to response;
print bucket response;

response: Array
    [type] => uint8
    [length] => 1
    [data] => Array
            [0] => 35

    [success] => 1

Note:  Hashtag Markup is shown below <# in bold #>.   The value generated by processing the Hashtag Markup, and applying any Variable Contexts, is injected into this HTML page after the ⇒ symbol.  
<#[response as html]#> ⇒ {"type":"uint8","length":1,"data":[35],"success":true}
<#[ as html]#> ⇒ 35

The Hashtag Markup Language provides methods to Call external APIs, and process any response.

The response text is saved to the named Hashtag Variable.   If the response is JSON encoded, it will be decoded into Hashtag Buckets.  

Optional parameters can be sent with the call.   The values in the named Hashtag Bucket will be sent with the request as HTTP POST variables.