Process File Content as Hashtag Markup

This page calls a Framework Core PHP function to process a PHP string variable as Hashtag Markup.   The string variable is loaded with the contents of a file.   The Hashtag Framework can be configured to disable PHP in Hashtag Markup.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:

$hashtag = file_get_contents('basics/content.htmx');


This content came from /basics/content.htmx

The current time is 9:15:44 AM UTC

Hashtag Markup for Included Page: /basics/content.htmx
<p>This content came from <strong>/basics/content.htmx</strong></p>
<p>The current time is <#[system.time]#></p>

The Hashtag Framework supports PHP code alongside Hashtag Markup.

The examples in this section demonstrate the many Hashtag Framework Core PHP Functions that are callable from any PHP code.