Apply Latest Invoice

This page uses a Hashtag Apply command to gather values for the latest Invoices record.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:
<# apply invoices as "latest"; #>

Using the Applied Values

The Bucket is emptied before the values from the Invoice record are applied.   To protect against HTML and JavaScript injection, the HTML context is used on values set through the public form.  
<#[latest.instance_id]#> ⇒ 7460
<#[]#> ⇒ 4dfd441edf38c941a83696c830940e14
<#[latest.uuid]#> ⇒ 4dfd441edf38c941a83696c830940e14
<#[latest.created_on]#> ⇒ 2024-06-05 04:13:31

The Invoices Mini-App uses the Hashtag Markup Language to demonstrate methods for processing records.

Invoice records are stored in an SQL database.   The Process example uses math expressions for multiplication and rounding to currency standards.