Process PHP String value as Hashtag Markup with PHP

This page calls the hashtag_process Framework Core PHP function to process a PHP String value as Hashtag Markup.   The PHP String value includes another PHP block that calls the hashtag_process function again.   Hashtag Variable injection is not done until processing time.  
Processing this Hashtag Markup:

$hashtag = '<?php ' .
	'$hashtag = \'<# print "This was printed by Hashtag at <#[system.time]#>"; #>\';' .
	'hashtag_process($hashtag);' .

Note:  This demonstration is ridiculous.   Please don't write Hashtag Markup like this.
This was printed by Hashtag at 9:27:02 AM UTC

The Hashtag Framework supports PHP code alongside Hashtag Markup.

The examples in this section demonstrate the many Hashtag Framework Core PHP Functions that are callable from any PHP code.